The Great Western Male Choir

Who are we?     We are a highly experienced group of singers that have been entertaining people in Western Sydney and elsewhere for quite some time and we’re not about to stop anytime soon! You might remember us as the Rembrandt Male Choir but we now have a new name that reflects the large area of in which we enjoy entertaining.    

The majority of our members live in greater western Sydney and enjoy performing our extensive musical repertoire for the many and varied organisations which call upon our services.  They also enjoy the unique camaraderie that only a choir can create.

We know that our audiences enjoy pleasurable and tuneful music – so do we!  That’s why our emphasis is on interesting, melodious, rhythmic and very singable music, presented in rich harmony by our hearty members that include men of varied occupations and nationalities.

What can we do for you?             Real men like to sing and we’re here to encourage them.  There is no need to be put off by not being able to read music or because someone said you can’t sing. If you can speak there’s every reason to believe you can sing. You just need to come and try and we’ll give you confidence along the way. The choir is professionally trained and the members are there to help, so don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy yourself in the company of fellow singers. We all had to start somewhere!

Who can join the Great Westerners?       We’re looking for men who really want to sing. Previous experience is not an issue – you can learn on the job.  You can be of any age and if you’ve had previous musical training – all the better, but it’s not essential. The main requirement is a passion to sing. Sure, we have experience – ‘our runs are on the board’ - but we’ve got the time to show you how to experience making music with us as well. You won’t regret it!

What are the key benefits of singing?     Singing in public is a very rewarding experience. In the company of other singers you will enjoy the thrill of performance and the acquisition of new skills such as the ability to read music, which will soon increase your confidence. Because we have a multi-national membership, some of our songs are sung in other languages; therefore instruction in pronunciation is also given.  Combine all this with the male camaraderie and the benefits for a healthy hobby - what could be better?

Where do the Great Westerners Perform?         We are available for any organisations and venues which require friendly and creditable musical entertainment. Our wide repertoire includes music from humorous songs, pop songs, folk songs, excerpts from musicals and opera etc. - in fact we just love music and sing for all occasions. As the choir is a foundation member of the Male Choirs Association of Australia, we also join with another twenty men’s choirs throughout Australia to present a public concert in a capital city every two years. Our next combined concert will be towards the end of this 2014 in Canberra.

Where does the choir rehearse?                The choir meets weekly at the Rembrandt Dutch Club, situated at 87 Dunheved Circuit, St. Marys on Friday evenings from 7.30pm until 10.00pm. This comfortable and friendly club with social amenities (but no poker machines), has an excellent rehearsal room. Dress is casual for rehearsals and distinctive uniforms are worn at performances.            
What if I have some other questions?           If you would like some further information or just talk to someone about the choir, you may like to contact a member in any of the following areas –
Penrith / St Marys                           John Joosten,                    (02) 9623 4503.  or  0431 268 266

Fairfield / Smithfield                      Bob Griffiths                           (02)9604 4637 or M 0417 468 474                                  

Blue Mountains                               George Pieren                  (02) 4739 4215  or  0415 977 411


We’d like to hear from you!



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