Pre History

In 1985 eight members of the Rembrandt Club decided to start a Male Choir.

This small group under the directorship of Harry Joosten grew in a few years to a 24 member choir.

In the late eighties the choir was one of the inaugural members that started the Male Choir Association of Australia Inc N.S.W Branch, And participated in concerts in The Sydney Opera House,Sydney Town Hall, And in the mid 90s we organised concerts at Springwood Civic Centre.

In the 1990s the choir had many successful concerts in Australia, such as; Bowrall Tulip Festival, Orange Field days, Bathurst, Forbes, Newcastle, Wollongong, Springwood, Sydney Town Hall, The Opera House and a trip to Fiji.

The choir liked to perform as an assemble and had a repertoire in 7 different languages, which they performed in nursing homes, church services, festivals etc.

Then in 2006 the N.S.W. Asociation of the MCA was reborn into the national body of The Male Choir Association of Australia Inc



A New Beginning

In January 2013 our musical director brought a proposal to our members that we needed a change of direction he stated that we should change our name, uniform and repertoire.

From the ‘glory’ days of past years our membership had shrunk to just 8 singers. So in early January 2013 we called a meeting to talk about it.

The result of that meeting was a decision to change. Then we surveyed our members to select a new name and we went for “The Great Western Male Choir” as it was a reflection of the area we live in.

We then set a budget for a promotion and sent out a press release to all the local media. After a couple of months we had doubled our membership.

Then the work of moulding a new choir started with a lot of practice. At first we started to do gigs dressed like barmen black trousers, black shoes, white shirt and black bow tie. So after the new group had settled in we had to look for a uniform looking at the photos of the Male Choir Association of Australia  as we are one of the founding members,  Our president put forward an idea that our new jacket had to contrast with all the other choirs colours. So a white/cream jacket was chosen with a red bow tie

So after a year we are going quite well and now is the time to expand.  





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